Product Name : Dielectric Fluid   VITOL-KS

Dielectric Fluids for small Hole EDM

Dielectric Fluid for High Speed Machining
(water spec)

Product Name Amount
(L) Container Ref# Order No.
VITOL-KS 200L 200 DRUM 0101303 9050192
VITOL-KS 100L 100 DRUM 0101302 9050191
VITOL-KS 20L 20 PLASTIC 0101301 9050190

Compatible Machines
* WATER spec. high-speed machining for Small-Hole EDM K1CS / K1CN
* Applicable for aluminum work

* Do not switch fluids from VITOL-KS to VITOL-KN.
* Mixing with other fluids may cause significant performance deterioration.